Tuesday, 5 February 2013

CU Freebie - Cupid's Sprinkles

A few days ago, amidst all the Shoe Porn my girl Jessica @ Gothic Inspirations posted the cutest Valentine Sprinkles on Facebook! 

I was at a loose end and decided to play at making my own version! It's been a while since I played in PSP like that so here for your pleasure is the result and it is CU/CU4CU friendly. I also have the tube files HERE if you want em.

Download the CU Cupid's Sprinkles HERE

Contains 6 Large Tagger Size Clusters - may suit Full Size too


  1. I grabbed both files...w0w, there's even a paper, how awesome are YOU? <3

  2. Thank you so much BTW hun! I meant to say thank you previously but was using my phone. Love it, thank you so much for sharing. xox Jessica