Terms Of Use

This is my most recent copy of my terms of use. It was last updated on 21st February 2011

Scrapkits/ Personal Use Items

All of my scrapkits, whether they be freebie or pay to use products, are bound by these terms of use and may be used for Personal Use Only. (If you wish to use them for S4O or S4H please contact me before hand by email xtygersxtidbitsx@gmail.com)

I ask that you please stay within the terms of use set for my scrapkits 
Please Do Not Rip My Kits Apart or claim them as your own or rename my files.
Please Do Not Share With Others. If a friend would like to use the kit please direct them to my blog so that they may download the kits they want for themselves. Even if a kit is free, please do not share.
It is NOT permissible to upload my kits on file sharing sites or to send them through any groups or mailing lists 
I offer many free items on my blog including items that match or add-on to my ptu kits. Visit me at http://tygerstidbits.blogspot.com

My digital scrapkits are created for the purpose of creating tags, myspace comments and similar for Personal Use. You MAY NOT use it for commercial projects. That means you must not sell your creations or use my items to create web layouts for commercial sites. Trading or Bartering for goods or services will also be termed as commercial use!

Tutorial writers are always welcome to use my products, so long as they do not upload my products in thier supplies. I really love seeing any creations made with my scraps, so please don't hesitate to send me them to me by email at xtygersxtidbitsx@gmail.com I also like to see tutorials written with my scraps, so send me a link and I might even add it to the relevant Scrapkit post.

Commercial Use

Any item sold as Commercial Use may be used in the creation of products you intend to sell or give away free. This includes Scrapkits, greeting cards, crafted items etc.. The only restriction is that you do not sell my products in the state in which you purchased them. For example. If you buy a set of templates.. you must color and merge those templates and add them as part of another product, such as a scrapkit, You cannot just repackage the templates and sell them on. All items ceated with my CU products may only be sold for Personal Use - I currently offer very few CU4CU items and any I do offer are clearly marked. My Commercial use products cannot make up more than 25% of your finished product. You may colorize, resize and otherwise edit my CU items as desired. I only ask that you place a small credit back to Tyger's Tidbits in your TOU or Credits file.


My kit start products are intended to form the base of a kit, giving you a basic idea to work on. They are bound by separate rules from my regular Commercial Use Products. You are not permitted to Re-color the items in these Kit-Starts . You may use the entire pack in your final kit, but I ask that you follow the ratios listed below :-

  • Papers -  My papers must make up NO MORE than 50% of the number of papers in the final kit - e.g. If you use all 6 papers provided, you must include at least 6 more of your own creation.
  • Elements - My Elements must make up NO MORE than 30% of the final number of  elements in the kit - e.g If you use all 10 of my  elements from the pack, you must include a minimum of 23 additional elements of your own creation (Alphas are classed as 1 element, Glitters if included as is are also classed as 1, however, if glitters are used to decorate/embellish other elements they are "free")

You do not need to use ALL pieces of the pack, but make sure the ratios apply.  You can also choose to use the pieces individually as normal CU products, in which case.. follow the CU terms above.

Custom Products

My custom products are not included in the standard terms of use. All custom products contain a separate file for Terms of Use and any uses must be agreed between myself and the buyer. 

If You Have Obtained A Kit Illegally/Unofficially:

If you have received this kit unofficially unaware that it was a PTU kit, I’d very much appreciate if you would contact me to let me know where or who is sharing it illegally. I understand that sometimes you can download items unaware that they are stolen.

This kit was created by Tyger for TygersTidbits  
It is distributed for personal use only.

PTE Scrapkits

Any kits marked with "Exclusive to PSP Tubes Emporium are only available to purchase from the www.psptubesemporium.com licensing company. They are bound by PTE terms of use in addition to my own. If you have received a PTE kit from any other source it should be reported to pteviolations@yahoo.com