Tuesday, 28 June 2011

50% off SpecSaver Sale!!!

My Eyes Are Dim,
I Cannot See,
I Have Not Brought My Specs With Me...

Actually that is not true!!! I don't actually have specs at all!

I have been suffering from terrible headaches for a few months now and it turns out that my right eye is not functioning properly. This puts a strain on my left eye and causes the pain. I can't spend too long on the computer and scrapping is out most of the time due to the pain. Hopefully, some prescription glasses will be able to sort out the problem. However, glasses cost money I just don't have to spare!!! That's why in order to help me save up I am having a 50% off SpecSaver Sale at the following stores :-

The quicker I get those glasses the quicker I will be back scrapping.

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